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I saw out every bridge by hand, which makes each one unique, and this requires a certain amount of time compared to machine production. Thanks to my large reserves of wood, I can always draw on wood seasoned for about 10 to 15 years for my bridges.

My bridges are made exclusively from Bosnian maple. This wood has proved to be perfect for manufacturing bridges and its sound quality is excellent.

I purchased this wood, well over 40 years old, at the master workshop of violin maker J. Kantuscher in Mittenwald, Germany.

It has become very light-weight due to the long storage and therefore has excellent sound characteristics.

These cello bridge planks seasoned for 10 years were cut from the same trunk. (See price list "special wood")

In 1997, I purchased this bridge wood in Mittenwald-Ohlstadt from Schuh, a tonewood dealer, and it is now 15 years old

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