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On the basis of long years of
experience and tradition,
slowly-grown and smooth maple
from Bosnia is used for bridge manufacturing.

After cutting to length, the trunk
is chopped into small blocks,
the bark is removed, and the
blocks are stacked for storage
(8 years minimum).

Prior to processing, the wood
is selected according to quality
and characteristics.

In the next processing step, the
wood is split into planks of
different sizes for violin, viola,
cello and bass. After that it is cut conically and smoothed.

Subsequently, bridge models
are made corresponding to the
violin makerís individual
requirements and templates.

This picture shows how a bridge
model is drawn using a customerís template.

The bridge is drawn on wood
and then cut out accurately by
means of a scroll saw.

From the split plank to the
finished bridge.

Cut, strung and ready
for playing.

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